"The time is always right to do what is right."

–Martin Luther King, Jr.

GVSDA Women's Ministry Tea Party/Family Fun Run


GVSDA Women's Ministry

The GVSDA Women's Ministry hosted tea parties to fellowship with each other and gather supplies for the "boxes of love". This partnership had been a tremendous support to the Children Next Door. The supplies were sorted and the "boxes of love" packed after the tea party. These boxes were sent out to various areas (churches and schools) for distribution.

The GVSDA Runners Club also hosted a fundraising campaign through a family fun run. The memories created and friendships established through these efforts have a tremendous impact in this ministry.

***Photos were taken at GVSDA Church. [2014-2017]

2014 First Tea Party of the Women's Ministry

2015 Family Fun Run for CND

Packing the "boxes of love"

Group of wonderful volunteers

7 boxes ready fro shipment

After packing

Carrying the boxes and driving them to Jax

Ladies in the kitchen

2016 Tea Party of the Women's Ministry


Young and the young at heart


7 boxes ready for shipment

Packed goods

Sorting and packing

Table spread

CND Family Fun Run

Kenyan Runners


Best couple of the day


Young ladies


Woohoo! I made it!

Goods Distribution


Goods Distribution

Children Next Door have sent out boxes of books, hygiene products, dry goods, school supplies, clothing, towels, blankets, Bibles, etc. Our partners in the Philippines have spearheaded the distribution of goods to make sure they get to churches, schools, and individuals whose needs are immediate.

Boxes of love were also sent out by generous friends from South Korea and Saipan.

Although these project have temporarily stopped due to the 2020 pandemic, we hope to continue to do this effort in the coming years.

***Photos are sent from our partners. [2014-2019]

Our partners repacked the goods

Care packages for a small congregation affected by the typhoon

After two months, the boxes arrive

Distribution of children's clothing




Partners repacking the good for distribution

Education Sponsorship 2014-2022



Since 2014, Children Next Door has partnered with Adventist schools in the Philippines and have sponsored 12-15 worthy students each school year. Giving children a chance to receive quality education and to know Jesus more and more has been one of our cherished goals. Children Next Door also sent in financial assistance for the procurement of printers and inks for a number of schools. Several schools have also received books and school supplies through the "boxes of love" project.

***The photos included here are some of the photos we received from our beloved recipients. [2014 - present]

Look at those happy faces

A teacher who received free school supplies for her class/students

Some parents want to express their gratitude

Beautiful teachers with books

sent from Saipan

School supplies distribution

Received this 2018 Certificate of Appreciation during the mission trip

Beautiful teachers and students receiving school supplies

Certificate of Appreciation from one of the schools

A receipt from one of the schools

2021-2022 Certificate of Appreciateion

Lovely kids with their thank you signs. So heartfelt.

This beautiful girl wished she could go to an Adventist school but her grandma could not afford it. She is one of our sponsored kids.

Overseas Mission


Philippines Mission Trip

The Children Next Door organized a mission trip to Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines in 2018. The team was composed of 13 individuals. We are immensely grateful for the support of the local conference, church members, and wonderful friends.

The mission trip team held a weeklong evangelistic series, health seminars and children's bible school, a medical mission day, home construction, visitation, a feeding program, studies through Bible workers, visitations, etc

It was a life-changing experience for the team.

***Photos were taken in Cabalawan, Leyte. [October-November 2018]

Mission team in Cabalawan, Leyte

Wound care

Medical mission day

Distributing medicines

Health professionals

Nightly meetings

Dental work

Recipients of eye consultations and free prescription glasses

Free haircuts

Sabbath baptism

Feeding program

House construction

Church Restoration Assistance


Restoration Assistance

During the pandemic in 2020-2021, we had to discontinue the goods distribution. God has led us to assist two congregations in Southern Philippines that are need of assistance for their restoration projects. We have heard their stories of faith and the members of these congregations devote their time and skills in helping construct their own churches during the week. They are determined to make it a decent place for people to worship as these churches did not have roofs, walls, and no decent place to sit. The church pictured on the left was a makeshift tent used as a place of worship when their church was vandalized and destroyed.

Despite that, members of these churches have faithfully attended to fellowship and worship together. Talk about faith and commitment!

With this project, CND also sponsored lay workers to do house-to-house work and Bible studies.

***Photos were sent to us from the churches we have partnered with in 2021 and 2022.

CHILDREN NEXT DOOR MINISTRY is a self-supporting ministry of the GVSDA Church